Rundown // Shirt- Unknown ( at the moment) // Shorts- Forever 21 // Kimono- Ross // Sunglasses - Paylesss

I like this outfit because I like the way everything looked once I pulled it together. To start, I have on a cotton turtleneck shirt. Lately, I have seen these everywhere, and I thought they were fashionable. I know I got it from a store in the mall, but I am not sure where but I will update this once I find out. Next, I have on these high-waisted shorts from Forever21. Most Forever21 denim items do not fit me, but these came out very loose. Even though they were open, they were very comfortable, so I wore them more than once in Orlando but washed everything once I wore them. Yeah, I know I had no shoes on, but I ended up putting on gladiator sandals. Next, I have this pretty floral kimono from Ross. I thought it was a good deal because it was about $10, and when I saw it, I grabbed it quickly. Lastly, my sunglasses are from Payless, which only cost me $5. I was so happy when I bought them.

This is only the beginning half of my day. I want to make another post of what I did later on, so I didn't make this one long.
I was thinking of upgrading my camera because sometimes I don't get the best quality. Blogging means a lot to me, and I want to post excellent photos, but I am only 16. Once I get older, I think I can maybe afford a better camera and possibly work with a photographer, but for right now, baby step.

Until next time,

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