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So I realized that November is almost over and that Christmas is starting soon. I'm going to start posting Christmas DIY, gift ideas, etc, starting in December. So while November is still here I want to post a Fall tag. Fall is my favorite time of the season because I love seeing the leaves change color and fall to the ground and in yard we always make huge piles of leaves and jump in them.

So here are a couple of questions I found and made up on my own.

1.)  Whats you favorite fall accessory ?

I think my favorite accessory are scarves. Now you can really wear scarves anytime of the year. During the summer I wear very light scarves when I go out somewhere classy but in the fall scarves just become part of my everyday outfits. Plus in the fall I tend to go for the more heavier knit scarves to help keep me warm.

2.) Ugg boots or Riding boot ?

Well I actually never had Ugg boots and have the cheaper version from Payless but I have about three pairs of riding boots now. To me I guess it just depends on what type of outfit I am wearing, if I am wearing something more causal I would wear Ugg boots but if I wear something a bit more dressier I might wear riding boots.

3.) Favorite lip color ?

Especially during the fall I try to go for a much bolder, darker lip color. My favorite are mostly a dark plum color,

4.) Pumpkin scented candles or apple?

To be honest I really do not like pumpkins that much. I don't know I just don't like they taste or the smell of pumpkins. The only thing I really like about pumpkins is when I use them as decor. I think I much perfect apple scented candles. 

5.) Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider or Coffee?

Now this is hard to choose from. Like seriously I like them all but I have to say I much perfer apple cider. I really don't drink it that much any other time if the year so I love to drink it during the fall season.

6.) Gloves or mittens ?

Gloves, I really don;t wear mittens that often.
7.) Thought on the weather ?

Now I live in Georgia and the weather is pretty weird here. Some days it will be cold at like 45 degrees and then the next day it will go back up to high 67 or something like that. If you have weather like this then you probably understand the struggle but most of the time it does not bug me that much.

8.) Favorite fall food?

My favorite would have to be apple pie and homemade ice cream. If you ever ate them together it's like the best thing ever. I mostly eat it around Thanksgiving and Christmas with hot chocolate or something like that.

9.) Favorite fall nail polish ?

I think my two favorite nail polish colors are maroon, purple and gold. Especially with maroon and gold they go with a lot of my outfits for fall and winter.

10.) Favorite and worst thing about fall ?

Favorite things ~ The holidays, colder weather, fall accessories like boots, and scarves.

Worst things ~ heaters, semester exams

I really hope you like this tag and feel free to use these question if you decide to do one as well.
For the next four weeks I want to say I will try to post a lot more. I am aiming for twice a week because I have two OOTD'S to post, Christmas tags and DIY's and also post to help out with semester exams. I'm not sure how I will post them all but I am going to try to make and post aw blogging schedule so you guys can know what to look out for in advance.

Until next time,

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