Rundown // Scarf - Walmart // Sweather - Unknown // Shirt - Ross // Jeans - TJMaxx // Boots - Payless // Purse - Forever21 // 

Hi you guys, 

So today, I have gathered two ways to wear a blanket scarf. This way is a little bit more casual than the other, which I will post the different look later this week. Blanket scarves have been a huge trend this year, and I remember when I bought my scarf, I had a hard time finding different ways to wear it, so if you are in the same situation, hopefully, these outfits will give you the same you some ideas. 

So beginning with the scarf, I purchased it from Walmart for an excellent price. I love the colors in the scarf like red and green, which I could wear with a red or green shirt. Next, I have a grey marveled sweater, which is my mom's, so I'm not sure where it is from. Under that is my sheer white top from Ross, which I wear almost all the time. I like this shirt because it looks expensive because of the type of fabric I used but when it cost like five dollars. Next are just my plain blue jeans which are from TJMax. I wanted Ugg boots this year, but they are costly, so I got a cheaper version from Payless, which I think was $24.99; this beats paying one hundred for a name-brand pair. Lastly, I have my purse from Forever21, which I decided to have along with my outfit because it matches the scarf and boots perfectly. 

I have tons of new posts coming up. I even bought a photography studio which I might put a post up about it. Hopefully, now I can take pictures indoors as well as out. I'm so excited and cannot wait. Also, if you have any ideas for any new posts you would like to see, please leave me a comment below. 

Until next time,

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