Hey you guys. So since I start college next year, I want to get a handle on the different programs that I would like to major and minor in. While fashion is the major I want to pursue, I want to minor in photography. I love capturing beautiful moments through nature and people. 

Usually, a photoshoot for me is going outside and having my cousin take my picture, and I will edit them later—this time, I took behind the camera and took pictures of my friends from school.

Models for left to right - 
Giovanna Rodriquez, Bari Hubbard, Aryan Azarian 

This photo is one of my favorite pictures of Aryan. I loved how his glasses turned into sunglasses and gave him a more relaxed look. To me, it's like he's rebellious with the pose he took, just slightly looking diagonal from the angle the camera was shooting at him. 

Bari had such laid back hipster vibe going on. She chose to wear a black shirt which I thought looked well against the brick wall, and her poses were both superb, laid- back and funny as well. She knows how to make other laughs. 

Giovanna has that photogenic face which made it fun to take pictures of her. This photo was one of my favorite because, to me, the vibe of this photo felt like " the good girl is being left out" actually if I were to take a couple of more pictures behind this gate of her and made a post that would probably be the name of it. 

These pictures turned out well, and I am so happy that I had this photoshoot. They are not the best pictures, which I was worried about because I have a, well, not a cheap camera, but it's not as high quality as many other cameras, so I was afraid that the rate would go wrong. Also, we didn't have many locations to do a photoshoot at because I can't drive to different places. #Ionlyhavemypermit
Practice make perfect, so hopefully, there are many more photoshoots to come later on in the future. I also plan to buy a used camera from eBay to practice using better-quality cameras until I can afford my own. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post, and I will soon have more coming up, hopefully, a DIY. 

Until next time,

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