Hey you guys. So just last week I took a trip to Massachusetts which I have to say is so beautiful. The whole place was just very historic since it has been around since 1603.
Right here, I just took a picture of the state capital. There were protesters along the side, so that's why you see a news van.

Right here, I just took a picture of the building, and they looked so gorgeous like seriously, I would live here. The only downside maybe is the constant traffic and people, but when you live in the city, those are just some things you have to get used to.

I forgot to read this; maybe I will look it up later, but I posed right in front of it and hit my head on the sword stocking down. #Imsoclusmy

This is me right in from of the Washington statue. I could not get a read on this one, but I want to say this is him during the Civil War, where he served as a general.

Quick little outfit details. I wore this Romper from Old Navy, and usually Old Navy is not my store, but once I saw this romper, I just had to have it. Post walking in the park we went shopping, so I wanted to wear something very stylish and comfortable. It was also a little chilly, so I wore a light sweater as well. Lastly, I decided to bring my over-the-shoulder Michel Kors purse and gladiator sandals.

Oh, we also went on a boat ride which was super cute and fun. 
Well, that's all for this post; even though I wish I had gotten more pictures, but there were little kids with me, and you can only take so far. Oh well, hopefully, I can go back soon.

Also, I changed my blog name to The Marshall Wardrobe. I liked this better than The Fashion Marshall because it reminded me of the fashion police, so I was like The Marshall Wardrobe since my last name is Marshall, and I mostly talk about things that come from my closet. I am also working to change the layout of my blog, which will hopefully be soon. 

Thank you guys so much for reading.

Until Next time,

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