Rundown /// Top - Old Navy // Shorts - Old Navy // Shoes - Local shoe boutique // Purse - Gucci // Necklace - Rue21

Hey you guys I'm back. Well semi back.
I just went on vacation about three weeks ago and then I had marching band practice all week last week so litteraly when I got home I was just to tired to make a blog post. Luckily I have more time this week and along with this post I am going to try to post one or two more before school starts for me on August 1.

Now on to the outfit. Now this may look like a two piece but literally when I went to Old Navy both the shirt and the short were in different sections of the store and when I saw both of them I was like I might as well put them together. The funny thing is that I know they were not together because in the shorts the have a white design and the shirt has a light blue design in it. You may not see it because of the camera but in real life the detailing is way different colors. Also just a little side note about these shorts. I have rather bigger thighs and sometimes I don't like to show them off but lately I have gained much more confidence as to wearing shorts cause it's my body and I just have to learn to love it. I am still going to try to slim down my thighs a little so I may start a fitness routine, I am still debating but let me know if you have any suggestions. Okay so next getting on with the rest of the outfit I just paired my outfit with these black sparkly sandals from a local shoe boutique near me. Next I am just wearing my Gucci purse and literally if you have not noticed I wore this on the 4th of July. Yes, I am just now putting up these pictures but literally better late than never, right? Lastly I just put on a nice white statement necklace.

Well I hoped you guys enjoyed my post.

Just some updates.
*I think after this week I will really really try to stick to a schedule of posting on Wednesday and Saturday's of the week once school starts. 
*I still have not gotten a new blog layout but it is coming soon because I have been wanting a new layout for the longest so I am really working on it.
*Lastly, I really want to start doing some collabs with other blogger because I did some collabs on different social media platforms so I really want to do one on my blog since I really love blogging and would love to reach out to others who would like to do so as well.

Until next time,

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