Rundown // Blazer - Forever21 // Dress - Forever21 // Sandals - Local Shoe Boutique // Purse - Michel Kors

Finally I am back.
So I made a promise to myself that I would not post another post until I get a new layout on my blog. Now it's not the one I wanted but it still looks really good. I will maybe keep this layout for a while and change some colors and fonts to make it look better.

Now on to the outfit. I really liked this outfit. ( Fun Fact: This was actually my birthday outfit which was on September 6th ) I really did like the outfit but I hated my knees. I guess it's just one of those things you are born with and have to learn to live with. Both my dress and blazer are from Forever21 and I have to say cream and olive green go really well together. My sandals are from a local shoe boutique and my purse is Michel Kors. Now my shoes and purse are both black which I thought would go well because black goes with anything but in this case it seems like it doesn't. What do you guys think ? What would be a nice color to go along with this look ? I really want to find different accessorized to wear this with because I may wear it again and the future and would like to make a different appearance.

So my goal for the next few weeks is to post at least once a week but I currently do marching band so my schedule is all over the place but I will literally try the best I can so I can get back into the hang of things again.

Until next time,

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