I am so excited because Christmas is Tomorrow. I was thinking about what to do next week because I don't have much planned, but it will be the best time to go a little after Christmas shopping and prepare for New Year. So many great things happened to me in 2016 that I will probably post about everything that has happened, but that is later on next week. 

So I just wanted to show you guys some photos of my Christmas tree. We have an old kind of silver and gold-toned tree. I find it very vintage and girly almost, but it's different. I took these pictures before we put all the other presents under the tree, which I will show you guys what it looks like now on my Instagram @samara.marsha. I have to say wrapping presents is a lot because it nearly took me around 2-3 hours to wrap everything. 

Now since it's Christmas Eve, we will be making Christmas dinner tonight. What I like about Christmas dinner is that it's almost like Thanksgiving dinner but more festive and with many desserts. So far, I know we have ham, turkey, green beans, but knowing my family, there will be plenty more food coming along. 

Well, those are my Christmas Eve plans/ my present wrapping, explaining my Christmas tree post, lol. I just wanted to talk about some of what I have done for Christmas over the years. Things might be different next year as I am going off to college, but hopefully, I can come back and visit. Please down below tell me your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans because I would love to hear everyone's Christmas traditions.

Until Tomorrow, 

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