Rundown // Jacket - Ebay // Top - Forever 21 // Jeans - Macy's // Shoes - Nike's // Necklace - Forever 21

Hey you guys. I have to say it feels like forever since I posted my last #ootd post. This was actually from a few weeks ago when the weather where I live was slightly warmer than it is now, but hey, better late than never, right. 
I love this outfit because it is like a sporty but still girly at the same time type of outfit. The one thing that brings this whole outfit together is the bomber jacket that I bought from eBay. The bomber jacket is fragile, so I only wear it when it is a bit warmer outside. Other than that, it is still super trendy to wear, and I love wearing bomber jackets with a more simple outfit like this one. Now along with the rest of the outfit, I have on a plain simple top from forever21. Sometimes I know my friends are like Forever21 is super expensive, but literally, I find it has a scavenger hunt. You just got to look for good deals. Next, I have on some simple black jeans from Macy's. Then I have on these super comfortable black Nike's from DSW. Now I am not a sneaker person, but I admit that these shoes are my favorite sneaker by far other than my white converses. Lastly, I have on a plain simple necklace from Forever21 as well.. 

So that is the end of my #ootd portion of the post. I hope you all enjoyed my post!

Until Next Time,

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