Hey you guys, 
So today, I am showing you all my winter break morning routine. I have always wanted to do one of these as a video, but blogger form was so much fun.
Come along with me as I show you some of the daily things I do every day. Well, every day when I'm on break.

So first, I usually put on my slippers because we have a hardwood floor, and it gets pretty cold overnight. I got their slippers from Walmart. I just saw them on the rack, and I thought they were so cute, so I had to buy them. I also, during this time, look on my phone and check social media. I don't know why I do so since many people don't post in the morning, but it became a habit over time. 

Next, I usually go to the bathroom and wash my face off to get me awake in the morning. I love using different facial cleansers like the one in the above photo. 

Then I travel downstairs and get some breakfast. Today I opted for some frosted flakes, which is my all-time favorite cereal.

Lastly, here I am just watching some Tv, and yes, I am watching SpongeBob; I find it very funny still. 

After this, I will take a shower and get ready for the day. 


Well, that is all I have for today's post. I enjoyed doing something different for my blog, and I hoped you guys enjoyed it too. 

Tell me some things you do in the morning, like unique recipes or a skincare routine.

Until Next Time,


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