Rundown // Jacket - Forever21 // Shirt - Old Navy // Jeans - Ross // Sandals - Local Shoe Boutique // Hat - Khol's 

And I'm back !!! 

Hey you guys, so it has been a hectic last few weeks because of school. I am a senior in high school, and I am dealing with Many last-minute things to do. Even though I have a billion things to do for school, I still love to dress up and pose for pictures. For now, since most schools are about to break for summer, I think my next few posts will be school/graduation related, so there might be a few different dress-up occasions in there. Now on to the post ...

It was so lovely outside, and I had to take advantage of the sun. My outfit has more of a street style, so I like how it looks in front of a brick wall; it gives off an urban look and a nice aesthetic. First, I have on this jean jacket from Forever21. I love it so much that I wear it at least once every week. I have been dying for a longer jean jacket to pull off looks like these. I forgot to get a picture of an added detail on the back of my coat, but I will soon because this jacket is my go-to jacket. Next, I have on a lovely white with a black striped shirt from Old Navy. Then some back jeans from Ross, along with these gladiator sandals from a local shoe boutique. Lastly, I have on a baseball cap that says "Cute, but Psycho." This outfit is one of my fave go-to, casual outfits to wear. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Comment down below your favorite go-to outfits for a nice, sunny, casual day. 

Until next time,


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