Rundown // Swimsuit - Old Navy // Shorts - Thrifted // Flip-flops - Old Navy 

Hi you guys,

So this summer, my whole family decided to take a trip to Barbados for a family reunion, and I thought I would take some pictures to show you guys all that Barbados has to offer. If you look on a map, you will probably believe that Barbados seem very small, but they are enormous in reality. It took maybe three hours to go around the perimeter of perhaps half of the Island, but more about that later now; let's get into what I did on my first day. 

Well, the first thing we all wanted to do is go to the beach! I can't even lie; I was looking forward to it too. There were many different beaches, so we went to the one closest to us. I forgot the name, but I will be sure to update you guys when I find out. My beach attire was pretty casual. I am first wearing an all-black cut-out swimsuit from Old Navy. I love it so much cause it's a little risky due to the cut out in the front and the whole back out, but it's a one-piece, so it's nothing cheeky. Next, I am wearing a pair of Thrifted shorts for only three dollars. Such a great deal! I am forever now sticking to thrift clothes. Lastly, I am just wearing a pair of white flip-flops from Old Navy as well. I am not much of a flip-flop girl, but it's the national shoe for the beach.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I am here for a whole week to have many different posts about the various treasures in Barbados. 

Until Next Time,

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