Day Three of Barbados 

Rundown // Shirt - Ross // Shorts - Ross // Sandals - Khols // Purse - Michel Kors

My third day in Barbados was a go out and go shopping kind of day. We only went to Cave Shepard, which is pictured above, and a souvenir shop. I was not interested in shopping because I wanted to save my money, so I took pictures. Bridgetown, which is the city we went to, was brightly colored, fun, and energetic. Every single store was a different color almost, and there was just a cool aesthetic there. 

While in downtown Bridgetown I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. I think the one thing that stood out was my shirt from Ross. It was pretty different because it was a lovely baby blue color with a long ruffle along the side. I then decided to pair it with some black denim shorts because baby blue and black look so good together. Lastly, I was initially going to wear white sandals, but I tried on my brown pair of sandals, and they fit so well with the rest of the colors. Lastly, I have on my black Michel kors bag. 

Day three was terrific, but it was nothing compared to day four...

Day Four of Barbados

Rundown // Dress- Old Navy // Swimsuit - Target 

Let's say that this is the most fun I ever had on a beach. EVER! 

On my fourth day in Barbados, we decided to go to a beach called The Boatyard. I heard that it was enjoyable, but I didn't believe it ......... until I went. 

The Boatyard was unbelievable!! They had live entertainment, a food bar, water sports, games, and you can get on a boat to see sea turtles. We did everything there, but my favorite part was going on the boat, a pretty decent-sized boat like the ones pictured above. We went out far to where you have to know how to swim to be that far out. Of course, we had life jackets and goggles in case anything happened. Once we stopped, we were able to get out and swim around. I stayed near the boat because even with a life jacket on, I was pretty scared. We had goggles and masks to where we can look in the ocean to see the turtles. They were so cute, and I really could not believe I was looking at one after it was back on the boat and back to the beach for some lunch. 

Well, that is it!! My fun-filled week in Barbados. Many peoples may not think of going to Barbados, but it really is fun and different, and I most definitely recommend it. 

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hoped you all enjoyed it. 

Until next time,


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