Hello you guys,

So while I was in Barbados, I took some random clips of the places I went to in Barbados. The footage shows Downtown areas of Bridgetown, restaurants, and beaches. I wanted to show you guys some significant aspects of taking a trip down to Barbados.

Also, above, I just put a few more photos of Barbados that I may not have posted along with the video. Here is the link on Youtube to my video in case you rather watch it there. 


Just a short little warning/explanation. I used my phone and camera to take the videos, so when I came together to edit it, all the layouts switched from widescreen to fitted screen. While I was filming, I didn't even notice that it would look like this, but I had to work with what I got. I guess this is just a learning experience, and next time I will know what to do when I film videos. You can tell by now that I am not a Youtuber, and my editing is not that good, but it's about the content that counts. 

I hope you guys enjoy this video. This is my last talk about Barbados; as for now, I will be going back to my fashion posts and hopefully will bring a little beauty and college topics in there. 

Until Next Time,


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