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So it's officially Fall which means sweaters, boots, and hot chocolate but it also means saying goodbye to all my favorite summer pieces. Here in this post I will name some of my favorite staples that I wore this summer.

This shirt was my absolute favorite for many reasons like the frills on the side and the baby blue suede material it was made out. It's an outfit maker if that makes sense. You can have a plain pair of black jeans and some nice sandals but when you put on this top I feel like the outfit is taken to another level.

This top to me was versatile I guess because you can dress it up and down. When I was in Barbados I wore this top to both the beach and a restaurant taken for granted it was in the same day but still.

This was definitely my go to classy party look and another of my favorites. It has a bit of a low V in the front so that you could show a little cleavage but it had this nice sheer material and nice shape that put a nice classy look on it.

This actually was a distressed pair of denim shorts I got from  thrift store. Theses were my favorite because they were high waisted and I spent a total of $3 buying theses. I total steal!!

Next if you want to talk about a perfect summer bag then here is one right here. I bought this from Forever21 because I wanted a purse of this color. I was a little afraid at first because I thought it wouldn't go with everything but it actually did! It was great to wear during the day when my outfits are usually bright and fun!

Lastly we have a shot of theses vertical striped shorts. It definitely gave me some nautical vibes especially when going to the beach.


Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment down below some of your past summer staples. Now I'm off to pack them away for now and bring out the cozy sweaters.

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