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So this one is for my non-bloggers out there who want to become a blogger or YouTuber. I am not a YouTuber; I like to make my content but rather in blog posts and not YouTube videos, but the tips I give in these posts could go for both soon-to-be bloggers and YouTubers. Also note, these are just a few of the information that I have created. I am not a professional, but I have had this blog for four years now, so I have learned a few things. 

The Camera

You DO NOT need to go out and buy a $500 camera!! 

Many people think they need a vast and fancy camera to start their blog or YouTube, but in reality, you do not. When I first started my blog in 2013, I used my iPhone 4 camera, which was not the best quality, but today we have iPhone 6 and 7's with really unique cameras you can use. I opted to get a camera because my photos were taking up space in my phone, so I got the FujiFilm FinePix S for Christmas, which was $150. This camera has a more reasonable price and is a great starter camera. So If you need a camera and are on a budget, then defiantly find lower price starter cameras or use your cellphone and then save up for a better one later on down the line.

The Topic

What do you want your blog or YouTube to be about?? 

I love fashion and makeup, so they will be the main focus of my blog because I know a lot about different styles and makeup trends. Your blog is yours; it's about you and what you are passionate about, so if you like food, then you could make a blog about your favorite foods and recipes, or if you like traveling, then you can blog about your travels. You don't essentially have to go with what everyone is doing; if you are passionate about something, then share your love with others and let them know why you love to cook or love to travel. 


This is entirely optional, but it helps.

If you like to take pictures or make videos indoors, then having some equipment is helpful. I have bought studio lights and backdrops that I can set up inside. Here is the link to the one I purchased: Click here to connect to the Photography Kit I use. Like I said, equipment is optional, and there are alternatives. For background, you can easily film in front of a blank wall or your bedroom, or wherever you would like your background to be. As for lighting, you can film in front of a window so the natural lighting can hit your face and the photo/video looks lighter and more apparent. I didn't have a window to film in front of with a good background, so that's when I ordered a photography setup kit so I can have the ability to film wherever in my house and do not have to worry about the background or not having enough light.

Here are a few photos of my equipment below. 

Blog templates

I am going to put this under equipment cause technically, it is equipment in a way.

A blog is made up of different codes/HTML, and with those codes, you can make graphics for your blog. I know nothing about codes and HTML, so I bought a blogging template. I saw many different templates as high as $60 but as low as $5. You can go to Etsy.com and search blogger templates, and many will show up that you can choose from. Of course, this is optional as well, and if you are good at HTML, you can make your own graphic and templates, or if not, there are YouTube videos that can show you all about HTML for blogs. 



Make sure your blog or vlog for the right reasons. 

I have heard this many times before, and I agree with it because it is essential, and that is to make sure you are blogging or vlogging for the right reasons. I blog because it's fun. I feel like this is my little magazine, and I am the editor, and I can post and talk about whatever I think or what I would like to share. Your reasons don't have to be the same as mine, but I do hope there is some passion behind why you blog or vlog. Make sure you want to start your blog or YouTube because that's is something you genuinely want to do or try. Many peoples take this on as a hobby, as do I others, and others do it for careers, but weblog because we love it. 

That is it for today's post. This was a fun post to do because it was different from the posts I usually do. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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