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So I was meaning to get this post out a long time ago when a lot of schools were starting in August but a few things got in the way but I do know that there are a few schools and colleges that start in September so I thought I should get this post out before back to school season is officially over. 

So last year started this trend of Victoria Secret PINK backpacks. I was enduring my senior year of high school and all along down the hall I saw so many girls with these backpacks and I do have to say they were kind of cute but also were pretty expensive. I did not have one my senior year but I made sure to save up my money to buy one for college and I am here to give you guys my honest review.
Here is the link to the backpacks just in case you want to check them out yourselves. 

Now if you go to the website or in stores the backpacks come in many different colors. I opted to get a grey color because I wanted something neutral and basic and not too loud in color. The backpacks did end up costing a whopping $70 with taxes which is the most I have ever spent on backpacks but it probably was a good investment. 

There are six different compartments where you can keep your belongings in and one of them is specifically tailored to keep your laptop in which I thought was neat because I never had a compartment to hold my laptop. The rest of the compartments are the same as other backpacks where you have a big space to hold all your books and smaller spaces to hold little things like pencils and pens. There is also a zipper at the bottom of the book bag where you can store stuff but it is a little small and would be best to hold things like index cards and so on. As for the rest of the backpacks, there are two mesh water bottles holders on each side and padded straps for support. 

My final thoughts are that yes the backpacks are pretty pricey but like I said is a good investment because I feel like these book bags will last you for a few years. If everything goes well I hope to use my book bag all throughout college. 

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I hope it helps anyone who was maybe thinking to buy one. It definitely seems like a good book bag that will last you a long time.

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( Disclaimer: This was not sponsored at all. I just know these backpacks are a huge trend and I wanted to give my honest review to anyone who is a little uneasy about buying one. )

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