Rundown // Shirt - Forever21 // Cardigan - Old Navy // Pants - Target // Shoes - Local Shoe Boutique

Hey you guys,
Today I have this short little post about my trip to Goodwill. Goodwill is one of my all-time favorite places to go thrifting because you never know what you can find. I have seen name brands from Nike to Adidas inside some GoodWill stores. Also, another positive thing about Goodwill is that it can be fairly cheap. All the items are on one rack, and the price will be on the end of that rack. The price depends on the things like women's tops would cost less than women's jackets. The Jackets at my local Goodwill were $10 each, but there was a sale going on, so when I bought a coat, I got it for only $7.
So there you have it! I just thought that I would share my love of thrifting and shopping as well. I did buy a few pieces, so have a look down below at what I got.

Fall is in full effect, so I thought I would get a few long-sleeve pieces. First I bought two turtlenecks, both in white and this maroon color. I got theses each for, I believe, $5, so it was a total steal. You will see these in some upcoming lookbooks. Next, I have this black, white, and grey sweater, which is super warm and fuzzy on the inside. Lastly, I have a Tommy Hilfiger Coat, which is the jacket I got for $7. As I said, you can find such great items in Goodwill from name brands, so when I came across this coat, I said I have to have it. Unfortunately, it is not my size, so I am currently selling it on Poshmark ( User name @stylebysamara ). I do like the jacket, and I hope it fits. I was with a friend when I went to Goodwill, and sometimes when you have fun shopping with someone, you forget to do things like trying the jacket on to make sure it fits. Oh well, now I can give this coat a new loving home.


That is it for today's post; I hope you enjoyed it. Comment down below if you have ever been thrifting before.

Until Next Time,


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