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So today, I have a post on how to make your rose water. One day I was sitting at home and was bored, and I came across pictures of someone using rose water, and I wondered what it was and why people use it. Once I looked up some information on it, there were a lot of benefits to using it.

Some include
*It hydrates your skin
*Soothes sunburn
*Maintains your skin's pH balance
*The aroma of the rose can make you feel more relaxed

It sounded interesting, so I gathered the materials and made them for myself.

Materials you need / What I used

Rose petals ( preferably red )

 Spray bottle

 Pot of water

 Measuring cup

A spoon or utensil to stir the petals

Note: When it comes to DIY projects, I usually eyeball everything, but there are other posts and articles of this DIY you can use that may have exact time and measurements.

Okay, so first, you want to take the rose petals off. I think I used about two or three roses, so you don't need to use many flowers in your bouquet if you don't want to.

After that, you put some water in a pot and put it on the stove. I filled up my pot about 3/4 way and put it on medium heat. Once you place the pot on the stove and turn on the heat, you can go ahead and put the rose petals in.

I just let the rose petals sit and boil a little. You will know when it's ready when the rose petals start to lose color, and the water turns color. So since I had a lot of red rose petals, my water turned red. 

Then once it was done, I took the stove off the pot and turned the heat setting off. I took out the rose petals and put them on a plate, then put them in the trash. I then had the water left, which I put in a measuring cup and then put into the fridge. I would say leave it in for about an hour or until the water becomes cool. 

Next, after your water has cooled, you are going to want to put your rose water in a spray bottle. You can buy one but what I did was that I had an old perfume bottle that I used. I just cleaned the bottle out and put the rose water in. 

You now have your very own rose water, which you can now use.

Well, that is all I have for this post.
I hoped you guys enjoyed it. Comment down below if you ever tried or heard of rose water.

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