Hello you guys. Christmas is in 10 minus ten days, so what better way to get into the spirit than post some holiday outfit ideas!! I was going to film this because I want to start making more YouTube videos, but my studio lightbulbs broke, and I have to order some new ones ... yay. So the other alternative was to take pictures of the outfits instead, so please look below.

 Rundown // Jacket - Wetseal // Dress - Macy's // Shoes - DSW

Outfit 1

So if you're going on a date or want to look nice for Christmas dinner, then why not wear a lovely holiday dress. I got this dress from Macy's, and it clings to you and shows off your curves. I paired it with this jean jacket because, honestly, I liked the colors together, but the jacket is optional. Lastly, I have some pointed, stapped flats from DSW.

Rundown // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Leggings - Walmart // Boots - DD'S Discount 

Outfit 2

This outfit is my everyday look, but let's call it my Christmas shopping look.
First, I have this huge oversized sweater from Charlotte Russe, which is nice and warm, so it's perfect for winter. Next, I have some plain black leggings from Walmart, which, if you look closely they have little winter patterns on them; I guess that is what you call it. Lastly, I have these super cute brown leather boots from DD's Discount.

Rundown // Top - Old Navy // Leggings - Walmart // Boots - Old Navy

Outfit 3

I don't know what to call this look. It's festive but in a laid-back sort of way. First, we have a maroon velvet top from Old Navy. Velvet is so in this season, so I was excited to get my hands on this top. Next, I have reindeer and snowflake printed leggings from Walmart, and let me say that Walmart has the hookup on all things festive this year. Lastly, I have these black boots from Old Navy. 

Rundown // Sweater - Grandmother's // Top - GoodWill // Pants - Forever21 // Boots - Old Navy 

Outfit 4

This outfit can be used for a Christmas shopping look, a Christmas party look, or even a Christmas dinner look. First, I have this snowman printed sweater from my grandmother's closet. Then I have a white turtleneck from Goodwill. Then some regular blue jeans from Forever21 and then my black boots from Old Navy.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed it!! Comment down below which outfit was your favorite.

Until Next Time,


Note: My comment section has been acting weird for a while. Sometimes when one person comments on something, I can't reply. I am working to fix this issue but know I appreciate all of your comments!! 

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