Hey there everyone. Today I have a dorm room tour for you guys! I have always wanted to do this for the longest. Every year in high school, I would look up dorm room tours on YouTube because people are so creative. I have seen dorms with a whole boho vibe, girly vibe, and dorms that have looked like they came straight out of a magazine. I think my vibe is very bright and artistic. I hope you guys enjoy it!

So we start by my door. I placed two command hooks here to hang my jackets so I can grab them on my way out.

Next, we have the sink, which I share one side of. On top of the sink, we have a green basket full of random things. Next to it, we have my mirrors, and in front of my basket, I just have my face washing cloth and some lotion. 

I also have a bathroom which is just a simple toilet and shower. 

Next, we have my wardrobe, which is very big. Just a quick little overview I have a hanging shoe rack and some of my clothes hanging next to it. I have my boots at the bottom and cleaning supplies at the top. I have jeans and leggings on the first shelf, snacks on the second, schools supplies and towels on the third, and tissues and toilet paper on the bottom. 

Now over to my desk, it's straightforward. I keep a lot of paper and books on the side; then, I have my laptop and notebooks for my classes. Then I have some knick-knacks, lotions and perfumes, and a desk lamp.

Next to it is my drawer. On top I have a basket of randoms things and next to it I have my trash cans. Below I have three drawers. The top drawer is my tops, delicates on the second drawer and pyjamas on the third. 

Lastly, we have my bed, and it might look kind of weird, but I will explain. Of course, my bed is on top. I have this beautiful comforter from Target, which I love so much. I have some hanging wall art from home, and I bought these paper flowers, which have given me much trouble but are sticking to the wall for now. 

Underneath the bed is my favorite part of the room which is my TV area. It's small but cozy. I brought an old table cloth from home to the kind of have as a wall so that when I'm under here, my roommate is not awkwardly looking at me. Then I have a tiny little black chair with two cute blankets from Walmart. I then have hanging lights from Walmart, and I hung my shower curtain up. I thought we had to bring one, but one was provided, so I didn't want to waste it, so I hung it up as a background. 

I then have my TV, which is on my nightstand. My nightstand has one drawer which holds my makeup. Next to that is my hamper. 


Now we are done. Thank you guys so much for reading and comment down below the vibe of your bedroom. Next year I want to have more of a boho vibe, so I'm going to try.
Also, note that the lighting in my room is pretty bad, and I don't have my lighting setup, so it might be a while before the quality of my photos looks better.

Until Next Time,

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