Hey you guys. So my spring break was two weeks ago, but I still had some pictures that I had taken when I went to the amusement park in my local city. Due to all the work that my teachers have been giving me, all of a sudden, I have not had time to plan any blog posts, so I decided to post these pictures as a kind of photo gallery post if that makes sense—just a post displaying the pictures I took.
Also, let me say that if you ever want an excellent background for your pictures, definitely try the amusement park. I wanted to take pictures everywhere, but I was getting in the way of everyone. Oops.

Rundown // Shirt - Thrifted // Pants- Ross // Sneakers - Ross but Nike Brand // Purse- Michel Kors

As you can tell, I loved the pictures that I took by the carousel. I wanted to get on it, but my friend was saying I was too big. Comment down below what you think. Do you think there is an age limit to certain rides at the amusement park, or is everyone a kid at heart?

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