Hey you guys. I am back with a review of a makeup palette. For a while now, I heard many people rate this product pretty severely, but I went ahead and purchased it to try it out for myself. Plus, when I bought it, this palette was on sale for $30, which I thought was great, so I purchased it with no hesitation. On the downside, I realized that this product was the only one of their palette on sale, meaning that the sales might not have been well, so there is that to consider.

The palette looks nice. The outside has a lovely velvet touch to it, and the prism on the outside gave me chills while looking at it.

On to the inside, you get an array of fourteen different colors, which I think I simply beautiful. The colors pertain to prisms and things like that, so the colors resemble what that would look like. 

So I did a couple of swatches to get the complete verdict. This first picture is the top row which, to be honest, I had to swipe two or three times to get a real nice swatch. I wouldn't say I liked the top row that much except for the purple and black shades, which I see myself using more than once. 

The bottom row had some nice colors. The purple, green, and sparkly orangy colors make great lid shades, while the purple/pinkish hue at the end makes for excellent crease color. 

Overall I like this palette, but I wish I would have gotten another palette from Anastasia first, like the Modern Renaissance palette, which I have been dying to get. This palette is not for every day but special occasions. When using these shades, I suggest using other eyeshadow colors from different palettes as I color, not blend them. I feel like this would have been better as single eyeshadow.

Don't let my review shy you away from this palette. I try to use it as much as I can so I can stand out.

Well, that is all for this post. Comment down below your favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette or your favorite eyeshadow palette in general.

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