Hello there everyone,
So last week I was on vacation and one of the places I went to was Disney Springs. So Disney Springs is a really nice shopping area that also has small little attractions that you can do as well like ride an air balloon and a carousel.
When my family and I went I didn't buy anything. The bag below actually belongs to my mom but you better believe that I took a lot of pictures there.

If you would like to see the adventure I embarked in then please keep reading below.

Keep in mind that is was around 90 to 92 degrees outside and the sun was in my eyes but I tried my best. Sort of  ....

While at Disney Springs I went to Free People for the first time which I have to say I absolutely loved. The bohemian style that they have there is gorgeous and I can absolutely can see myself wearing the articles of clothes they had. The only bad part was the price. It's expensive so I would definitely have to shop the sale rack they have.
I never been in Zara and I didn't go in while I was at Disney Springs but I got this cute picture of the outside.

I also went to the Lego Land store which I didn't get much pictures inside but I got this picture of BuzzLightYear. Yes this was made all in legos. Pretty impressive.

Disney fashion right here. I would totally wear this outfit!

What else can I say. I also went on the carousel which was for 17 and younger but I was able to get on. The perks of being 5ft 4 inches. I also got a mango smoothie for seven dollars. It was a bust getting a small size as shown in the picture above but it was really good. Then I took a picture by a remote crocodile which was outside the RainForest Cafe.

Well that is all that I have for today. Let me know down below if you ever been to Disney Springs.

Until Next Time,

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