Hello everyone. Today I am posting about my visit to Hollywood Studios. It was my first time here, so I was excited to see all of their attractions.
The biggest and newest part of the part was Toy Story Land that opened up July 30th. I think we went on July 3rd, so not opening day but close to it.

I got a few pictures of the park and some nice OOTD pics, so if you want to see more, keep reading down below.

Let's start with the OOTD.
It was around 93 degrees in Florida, so I wanted to put together an outfit that would be loose and comfortable. First, I have the statement piece of the outfit, which is my T-shirt. I went to a gift shop where about bought this Harvard Law, Just Kidding shirt for about five dollars. It was about a size or two bigger than my usual size, so it was very comfortable to be in. I then am wearing these blue and white vertical striped shorts from Ross. These shorts were not form-fitting, so I had room to breathe. Then I just wore some white Nike's because we did A LOT of walking. Lastly, I have my black Michel Kors purse. 

Now let's see what I can do for the park.
There were about 1-2 rides in Toy Story Land itself which was a bummer. Also, the lines were super long for the rides, but I think that once things start to die down, the lines will not be as long. Or you can get a fast pass.
Other than the long lines, Toy Story Land was built beautifully with artificial lights above us and the surrounding decorations and props made out to look like toys. The Giant Woody had to be my favorite part. He's very photogenic.

Oh, and there were also the green army men marching around playing the drums in a tiny little drum line, which was terrific. It made me miss my marching band days.

Okay, So I didn't get many pictures of the rest of the park because my phone was slowly dying, but I enjoyed myself. Since this is Hollywood Studious, they have many performances and plays and not so many rides, so if you are looking for a park with rides, I suggest Universal or Magic Kingdom.
I did go on one ride, The Rockin Roller coaster, which is my new favorite roller coaster ever. I liked it so much that I rode it twice. If you do go to Hollywood Studios, I highly recommend The Rockin Roller coaster.

Well, that is all I have for this post. Thank you guys so much for reading!

Until Next Time,

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