Happy back to school, everyone,
That might have been a bitter-sweet introduction, but it is officially back to school time. Due to school, I have not been able to blog as much because I had to move out, decorate my new room, sign up for classes, apply for jobs and join some new clubs. You guys, I am tired, but things are starting to slow down, so I have a few recent blog posts coming up very soon.
With going back to school, I always hate how I have to transition my summer clothes into school-appropriate clothes. They don't have a dress code in college, but it is cold in the classrooms, so I don't think wearing tank tops is ideal, but let's look at these floral print pants I am wearing below. 

I bought these pants from TjMaxx in June, which I knew were perfect for Summer and which they were in the first pic above (Well, not for minigolf. Please do not wear wide-leg pants and sandals for minigolf; it's a long story, lol.) Anyways, Yes, they were perfect for summer, but I had thoughts on if I could continue to wear these pants during school, and to be honest, yes, I can. 

The first thing that came to mind was that I could pair these pants with a T-Shirt, so I took my grey t-shirt and tucked it in to show off more of the pants, and even though the pants still scream summer by assing a t-shirt, it dresses it down a little.
The same thing goes for all summer pieces. A lot of summer pieces are somewhat dressy so what I say is if you still want to wear them in the fall, then dress them down. If you have a cute tank top, simply pair it with a nice jacket or sweater. I still want to wear shorts then put some leggings under it even though it's not my favorite look, but to each its own. 

This does vary because it is still very hot/warm/ I want hoodie season to come around here in Georgia. Sorry, you guys, but I packed winter clothes, and I swear I am the only girl on campus wearing long-sleeved shirts, sweating like crazy. I'm ok, though but know I am ready for winter. 

Rundown: // Grey Top- H&M // Pants - TJMaxx // Sandals - Unknown // Orange top- Unknown // Necklaces - Rue21 // Purse - Michel Kors

Well, that is all I have for this post. Comment below if you transition/dress down your summer clothes to wear for school and in the Fall.

Until Next Time,

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