Hello there! I am back with another post.
 Today I am listing my current favorite makeup, skin and hair care products for this Fall season. Can you believe that it is already Fall ? I am excited for all the festivities and food but I do have to make sure that I am keeping my skin and hair in right order.

If you would like to know some of my current favorite products then please keep reading below.


The first product I have is this mascara from PopSugar. What I really like about this product is that it is a dual wand mascara. That means on top there is a bigger wand for your top lashes and a small wand for your bottom lashes. The dual wand is great because I hate putting a big wand on my bottom lashes. Also this mascara gives you great volume as well.

Beware because I have a lot of SheaMoisture products on this list which include this transforming clay-to-cream cleanser. I always wanted to try a clay cleanser/mask and when I tried this it just felt so rejuvenating on the skin. Definitely worth the buy.

Next I have a Daily hydrating styling gel from SheaMoisture. I use this product after I apply a curling cream and let me just say that this gel give me so much definition.

Next we have a fragrance. I went into Bath and Body Works trying to find a good fragrances out of the many they have and I came across this one. It has a nice dark plum smell which I find is perfect for a date night occasion. I don't know what it is but it gives off a romantic yet mysterious vibe.

Here is a product that I just started using from Summer's Eve. It's a nice feminine product that you spray down there or on the inside of your underwear to keep things smelling fresh down there.

This is the best lotion I have used up to date. This is the Bliss Lemon&Sage lotion that I posted about in my InfluenceHer fall essentials post ( Link Here ). I love this so much because not only does it smell super good but it applies like butter.

(Edit: I just saw that it says body butter on it hints why I said it applies like butter. I just found that out don't judge me lol. )

Next let's get onto some oils. So I have this 100% pure coconut oil which I just put a little dab on my skin after washing my face to give it some moisture. Also you can rub some oil onto your hands and massage it into your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Now above was just regular coconut oil but this is a peppermint essential oil. What I love about this is that peppermint has a very strong smell so I will smell it if I feel some nausea brewing. Also you can put one or two drops to relieve muscle tensions.
I will soon write a post going more into detail about essential oils.

Lastly I had to include this. My favorite deep conditioner. I have no words. The volume and definition I get from after using this is unreal.

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Well you guys that is all I have for this post. Let me know if you used once of the products above. Also let me know what your current favorite products are.

Until Next Time,

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