Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.
Christmas is around the corner so I thought I would get some Christmas posts out there.
One post that I wanted to do was stocking stuffer ideas. My family hasn't put up stocking in years so me and my sister decided to buy some. The problem was my mother didn't know exactly what to put in them so I bought some things and decided I would document what I bought.

Hopefully you all can use this as inspiration so if you would like to see what I got then please keep reading down below.

Here are the stocking that I got. Just some cute little two dollar ones from Walmart. 



I mean why not get candy? If you go to any grocery store I am pretty sure there are some lets say "In season" candy meaning candy canes or even regular candy in candy cane tubes like the one that I got above.


Makeup is a really good stocking stuffer for any beauty gurus in your family. Depending on your budget you can get high end products or drug store products. I prefer drug store products as stocking stuffers because they are fairly cheap and you can get more than one.

Festive Products
I don't even know we bought this. My sister wanted it but I guess she has to wait until Christmas to wear it.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are perfect for your stockings because not only are they small enough to fit but they are fairly cheap as well. Get things that people always run out of like hair bows and bobby pins.

Small games/Trinkets

Things like a Rubik's cube or cards are perfect because they are little activities that kids can get to keep them busy. Once we saw this the Rubik's cube we knew we had to get it because my siblings get very frustrated trying to figure them out. Now hopefully they can stay busy with this and leave me alone.

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Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and got a little inspiration as to what to put in your family's stockings for Christmas.
Comment down below what you are buying for Christmas for your family.

Until Next Time,

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