Hello everyone.
It's sophomore season! On Monday I started my first day of Sophomore year which I felt that I absolutely dominated. Nothing to extraordinary but the right outfit can make you feel powerful. :)
So as for my first post for the year I decided to share my camera gear and my first successful photoshoot that I did on my own. It's 2019 and it's time to just be a boss.

If you would like to see how I take my pictures then click the continue button or keep reading down below.

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Camera Gear 

Okay so I have been blogging for about five years now and I have always had others take my pictures for me. When I lived at home my cousin did it and on campus I have had a few friends take my pictures but I always felt bad for asking them. Now I tried to do it on my own, I even have a post about how to take pictures by yourself which you can check out (here), but it was always a struggle. Thankfully I am apart of the blogging community where I have gotten advice from other bloggers as to when they need to take pictures but no one to take it for them. I then discovered the Fotopro Tripod.

The Fotopro Phone Tripod is one of the best investment I have made to this day. Here is the link right here (Fotopro Phone Tripod) in case you are interested. It was around $25 but definitely worth the buy.
With the tripod I am able to set it up anywhere, hook my phone onto it, and use the blue tooth self clicker to take each picture. It's great because now I can take my own photos without having to wait for someone. The downside is that with this tripod you can only use your phone and maybe small cameras. Big DSLR cameras are way to heavy on the legs of the tripod and may soon break depending on how long you keep it on there. I did not think it would be much of a problem since I slowly stopped using my FijiFilm camera and started using my phone camera more but that is when Christmas happened.

If you have seen my "What I got for Christmas 2018" you will have noticed that I got the Canon Rebel T3I. When I started blogging and getting into cameras this was one of the first cameras that I knew that had really good quality. As of right now you can not find the T3I make in stores as they have updated and improved their models but this was the model that I wanted to start off with. I haven't taken many pictures yet because it's too heavy to put on my tripod so I might have to take a spin around town and take pictures of maybe the city skyline.  

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Photo Shoot 

Now let's get onto the photo shoot.
When I wore this outfit I definitely rocked it!  I decided to sport an all black ensemble with a grey cardigan that I got for Christmas from Forever21. Some may say it's too dressy for college but I genuinely felt stellar in this outfit. Besides I didn't really wear it to show off, or whatever others may say, but I wore this so I can have my own photo shoot on campus to see what it's like. It was kind of weird because I was in between classes and had maybe forty minutes to take some pictures which I knew I could do but the staring from other teachers and students got me sometimes but that is all in the name of blogging. Plus I had some fun with it and decided to put some attitude in my photos instead of my usual smile and pose looks.

Rundown// Cardigan- Forever21 // Tops- Walmart // Jeans- Macy's // Booties- Charlotte Russe // Purse- Michel Kors

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Well that is it for this post. Comment down below you goals for 2019. Mines are definitely to be more confident and just be my own boss.

ntil Next Time,

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