Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.

 I recently took some time off from blogging and social media because I felt overwhelmed and stressed due to school and my final exams. I stayed up past midnight studying and working as much as I could because I wanted good grades and earned some extra money before I break for summer. Now that it's all over, I can say proudly that I passed all my classes, and the late-night studying paid off. 

When I got home for the summer and unpacked my belongings, I soon fell into laziness, and that was ok. I worked so hard during the school year, so I deserved some time off, so with that being said, for the past two weeks, I just took my time, got some rest, and took care of my health. It was great because I did not have to worry about getting up for a class for the first time this year or going to work; instead, I just slept and relaxed.

Now that two weeks have passed, I realized that it is time to get back to business. This summer, I made a few goals on how I want to grow my blogging and social media platform, and I can't embark on them if I am sitting around and wasting valuable time.

At first, I didn't know how to get back into the groove of things because it honestly felt better to sleep in, but I have roughly three months of vacation and don't want to waste it. So after doing some research and looking at what I have done in the past, I compiled some tips of what works for me and what I think could work. Hopefully, this can inspire anyone in my shoes and just had a rough period and took some time off but now wants to get right back to work. 

It's all about the mindset. 

Above I stated that when I came back home for the summer, I didn't want to do anything because I wanted to relax and get some sleep which is ok to do after a long and stressful period, but I knew I had to soon snap out of that. If I were to continue to be lazy, I would not get any work done. 

So to get my mind in the right spirit, I had to figure out the mindset I needed to have because if I don't have the right attitude, then I won't be able to get anything done. I need to be determined and focused mainly because before when I had an excellent idea for my blog/social media, it always fell through because I wasn't focused and soon got lazy. This summer, I hope to keep my goals active.

Gotta be productive

Now to go along with having the right mindset, I also want to talk about being productive. I said above that I made a few goals that I want to achieve this summer which I think that if you have dreams or things done, you need to make them your goals and plan to achieve them. Upon making plans to achieve your goals, you have to plan it out step by step to progress while working your way up slowly. 

Working on your plan to achieve your goals is a lot, and many factors in your day can determine if you get work done. For me, if I wake up late, I feel like my day is almost over, and I used to wake up around 11:30 AM-noon, and by that time, breakfast is over, and you only have about seven or eight hours of sunshine. So to make sure that I am taking full advantage of my day, I will wake up around 9 or 10 AM, shower, get breakfast, and get right to work.


Motivation and Inspiration might be vital to getting back on your grind because you can have your goals and plan, but you need that motivation/inspiration to keep going.

I feel like to start on something new; you need to find something that inspires you. This Inspiration can fuel you in the beginning and make you want to work. When I blog, I am always inspired by many other bloggers and other girl bosses worldwide. I find it amazing how many women are out there just doing their thing and making big moves, so this inspired me because I want to be my boss.

Now for motivation, this is what keeps you going. You can have your goals written out with your plan ad inspiration to start on your journey, but you need to have some motivation to keep you going. What I usually do is think about where I want to go. What's my end goal? What do I want to learn from this? How can I/this project help others? 

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That is all I have for this post. I hope I inspired you all to get back out there and work hard on your own goals. Comment down below what inspires you to continue what you do.

Until Next Time,


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