Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.
This is a different type of blog post because I don't have an outfit to showcase or a trip to talk about, but instead, I am just speaking about what has been on my mind lately.

Throughout high school and some of my college career, I have told people that I am a blogger, and I took great pride in that because where I live, there are not many bloggers. I was the only blogger that I knew in my area, so I wanted to do my best because starting my side hustle in high school made me different from the rest, plus it was about fashion which is what I had a passion for. As high school went on, my school work got harder, but I always tried to get a blog post up to stay consistent despite whatever I was going through. I wanted to stay consistent for two reasons: consistency is critical when growing something, and two because blogging is a side hustle profession I love to do.

 I have been behind on blogging because of school and because I don't like the looks of my blog or the photos and posts that I come up with. When I look at my blog, I see so many corrections I want to make because I'm pretty tired of my blog's layout, I feel like my pictures can be of better quality, and my name "The Marshall Wardrobe" does not represent me or what I do and stand for anymore. I came into this blogging wanting to be a fashion blogger, but I can't always afford new clothing pieces; then I changed to a lifestyle/college blogger to help others in my position, but to reach others, you need an audience which mines have declined over the past few months. It's hard because I was proud of some of my last posts and thought they would do good, but I was wrong. 

Most of the people who made it to the top would say to keep going and that you have to continue to learn and grow if you want to succeed, but I can't keep going in the direction that I am going. Everything is kind of at a standstill now. I want to reach new audiences and connect with different people, but I feel like I am not doing that despite my efforts. So I feel like this is when I have to stop, turn around and go in a different direction. From a blogging standpoint, this means I have to rethink/revamp everything. I have wanted to do this for a while now, but I want to hurry and do it now before I get bombarded with tests since I am in school. 

This post will probably be my last time writing under the name The Marshall Wardrobe, but it's all for the better.

Thank you all who have stuck by me throughout this journey. The future is more prominent, brighter, and better! 


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