Blogging has been a roller coaster throughout the past six years, especially now that everything has been off as I am back in school. The school has been very hectic, and I can not even get into the swing of things, and because of this, I have not been able to blog at all. I have been trying to get back out there by setting dates for when I would post again. It was initially September 6th, then it changed to September 18th, and I kept changing it because it would feel like when I would finish on task or homework assignment, something else would pop up. My schedule is still very hectic, but I have realized that I would have to set aside some time and find my motivation to blog again. Below are just a few things that made me do so.

Buying a new theme

When it comes time to re-brand or start a new chapter in my blogging career, I always buy a new theme. I believe a new theme because it is my way of starting fresh. I did love my old theme, but I wanted something different that I never had before. This new theme seemed much more professional, and I can see myself using it after my college career.

Buying a domain

This one has been on my list since forever. I wanted to have a domain name to establish credibility for my brand. I thought I would have to switch websites from Blogger to WordPress to buy a domain, which I would do, but it was way too much money. On Blogger, I was able to buy my domain through them, and I will kind of use this next year to see how I like it.

Taking pictures again

I was highly discouraged to take pictures again because it has been so hot here in Georgia. I eventually had to deal with it and get back out there again. Despite the humidity and heat, which can be a struggle to be out in taking pictures again was fun and excited. There is nothing like posing and feeling good in your gear. I mean, look at the photos below. I was trying to hit some significant poses. Also, Fall is here, so hopefully, it cools down soon!

Finding an Instagram theme 

I like my Instagram to be cohesive, so I have been trying to put a theme together. If you look at my timeline, I think I have three themes that I have used, but they constantly changed due to the content I produced at that time. So I have heard a lot about Lightroom presets, and I bought a few from Etsy to see how they would look, and so far, I like the results. 

Getting more photography equipment. 

Last year I received the Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas, and over the summer, I bought two new studio lights to help with the brightness of my indoor photos. I have only used them a few times, but I am excited to use them more.

I am so ready to start this new chapter in my blogging career. Along with fully rebranding and transforming my blog, I have also sat down and thought of some fantastic posts that I can do that will be helpful and intriguing.

Finding the strength to blog again has been challenging, but the journey and the outcome will be so worth it. I encourage you all that if you are in a blogging rut or a rut in general, do not be afraid to mix things up and remember why you do what you do. 


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