When I was in high school, I remember dressing up all the time and treating the hallways like they were my runway. It is not as easy as sometimes I have to walk across campus in the brutal, ever-changing Georgia weather. So with the weather and the no-dress code policy here, I have developed my college sense of style that I can still be trendy and accustomed to the weather outside and the temperatures in the classrooms. 
In this post, I have gathered some photos of OOTDS that I have taken these past few months because I always forget to take pictures every day to break down what I usually wear for each day.


Mondays are usually the days I can dress up a little because, on top of having four classes that day, I typically have club meetings afterward, so I want to put in more of an effort. On this day, I wanted to make a fashion statement, so I opted for a denim on denim look. Fun fact, my top is a dress from Old Navy that I just tucked into my boyfriend-inspired Capri shorts from Old Navy as well. I then paired it with some white converse shoes just so my feet do not hurt while walking around campus.
My favorite part about this look is my hair, as I tried this cool bobby pin design on my blown-out, side-swooped hairstyle. 


Tuesdays, I have one class, and I tend to go to the library to work on any projects I need to do, so I keep my outfit pretty casual with jeans and a T-shirt. Most days, I wear long sleeves to roll them up outside and roll them back down in class because my classrooms are very cold. I also pick out any jeans I want to wear; this day, I wore these dark-washed jeans from Macy's and paired the whole look with white converses again to stay comfortable. 


I have four classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I like to dress up more again since I will be out more, but on this particular day, I had no idea why I wanted to pose wearing a turtle neck with a jeans jacket. I did look cute as I liked my outfit, but the heat didn't, and I immediately went back inside after taking these photos. 
I just wanted to point out my jacket real quick. My outfit is the typical jeans and T-shirt look, but I usually tie a jacket around my waist to add another element to my outfit and wear it when I am in class. I got this jacket from H&M for $12, and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It would help if you always had a good jean jacket in your wardrobe. 

Thursday - Sunday 

I will condense the rest of the week down as I wear a variation of this outfit all four days. This photo was taken before the rest of the photos above but is still very accurate to what I wear these days. I will find a T-shirt and pair it with any loungewear bottoms that I can see, like sweat pants, sweat shorts, leggings, etc. I try to balance it by wearing a nice shoe like these Puma's I got from Ross to make it look like I tired. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ 

There you have it. This post is what I would look like walking around campus. It does change from time to time as sometimes I have to dress up for presentations or look nice for a big event, but I like to dress most of the time comfortably. I want to try and dress up more, but it may have to wait until winter when it's sweater and boot season, then I will go all out with the fashions. 


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