It feels good to blog again! I hope everyone is having a good February. January was a super long month filled with getting adjusted to my new classes, buying new textbooks, and so on. I feel like because of school and being social; I have been lacking in producing content. I also put school first, but I have enough time to dedicate it to social media. I plan to plan everything out this weekend to set aside some time to take pictures, develop new blog post ideas and continue to learn and grow in producing content that I am proud to put out. 

As for right now, I wanted to share a little throwback photoshoot. It's funny how this photoshoot came into play as these pictures were taken on New Year's Day when my friends and I decided to explore the city. We drove past this vast lake and stopped to take pictures for the gram. I love these pictures! I don't usually take pictures near bodies of water because I never think to do so, but if I get the chance, I would love to do so again. 


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