Do you all know the Tik Tok where it goes, "I'm bored in the house, I'm in the house bored" yeah, well, that is me, my family, and all my friends right now? 
In all seriousness, the Coronavirus is hitting hard. As the number of cases continues to grow, I am doing my part by staying indoors not to contact the virus to spread it to others potentially. Hopefully, things get better soon; however, being indoors presented challenges. 
By practicing social distancing and staying indoors, I keep myself busy and not waste time by being productive as much as possible. I thought it would be perfect for catching on to some social media things, school work, learn a new skill, anything. 
If you need some inspiration on what to do, I came up with a list of 60 things you could do below.

1.) Do your schoolwork. If you're in school, please make this your priority. 
2.) Blog
3.) Build an indoor photography studio. This is a project I am personally going to try. 
4.) Take indoor photos 
5.) Cook something delicious 
6.) Play board games
7.) Redo your room 
8.) Clean your room
9.) Do a full-body workout 
10.) Play on game consoles if you have them
11.) FaceTime Friends and/or family
12.) Listen to some music 
13.) Have a dance party with the people you live with 
14.) Read! 
15.) Journal about your life day by day 
16.) Learn a new skill
17.) Stretch
18.) Watch some digital workshops 
19.) Binge-watch a show 
20.) Have a movie night with your family
21.) Write a song
22.) Do your self-care routine. Don't have one? Check out 23-29
23.) Take a bath or shower
24.) Do your nails
25.) Have a spa day
26.) Practice your makeup skills
27.) Change up your hairstyle
28.) Go for a walk to get some fresh air
29.) Try out some hair and face masks you have and never used or make your own 
30.) Create a Tik Tok account to watch or make Tik Tok videos 
31.) Play some games on your phone like Monopoly and Candy Crush 
32.) Play online games
33.) Draw a picture
34.) Paint on a canvas 
35.) Create a business plan if you would like to start a business soon
36.) Gather up some passion projects and write them down to plan out later
37.) Create some DIY projects 
38.) Learn a freestyle dance
39.) Play hide and Seek 
40.) Create a fancy dinner setting 
41.) Barbecue some food
42.) Have a mini-concert for your family
43.) Play an instrument if you have one
44.) Go on Instagram Live
45.) Watch other peoples' Instagram Live
46.) Make a scrapbook
47.) Organize anything ( desk, pantry, closets ) 
48.) Count to one million because why not 
49.) Support small business 
50.) Listen to podcasts
51.) Catch up on some sleep
52.) Write letters to your future self
53.) Write letters to your past self
54.) Build a fort
55.) Tell someone a joke
56.) Walk around your house for thirty minutes for some light exercise 
57.) Upcycle your old clothes
58.) Delete your old pictures from your camera roll
59.) Play with your pets
60.) Spread some love during this difficult time. 

Stay informed during this time and don't spend too much time watching the news every day. As it is crucial to stay informed on new rules about your area, your mental health is essential. Watching the news makes you feel uneasy; take a break from watching the news and work on other things.
Feel free to send to list to anyone who needs ideas of what to do. I know I will be forwarding this to at least three people.


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