It's been a while since I have blogged. Since quarantine, I decided to take some time off from blogging and social media to focus on myself and my school work but I really missed writing and posting. I did however take a few shots of some outfits that I plan to post soon. 

Also during my break, I have embarked on my senior year of college and I turned 22. I wanted to post the pictures that I took on my birthday but decided to live in the moment and post later. So since it's still September and Virgo season I wanted to share 22 things that I learned at 22. 

1.) You do not need to know your major right when you enter college
I thought I had to have it all figure out my freshman year but I did not have my definite major and minor until the end of my sophomore year. 

2.) Sometimes you and your friends grow apart
People grow apart and that's ok. All you can do is be grateful for the memories you had with them.

3.) Learning to budget is very helpful once in college
While in college there will be restaurants and activities around that will have you spending money. It's best to budget your money for the week, month, and/or year to make sure you have enough.

4.) It's ok to take time for yourself
I find that it's best to be able to take time to relax and recuperate. By doing so you can hit that refresh button and carry on with the rest of your day. 

5.) There are coupons for everything
I just recently found out that CVS, Food Depot, and Kroger have coupons. Game changer!

6.) Take risks especially while you are young
People have always said that your 20's are the best time to take risks because you can get back up quickly if you fail versus when you are older. 

7.) Self-care is everything
Taking time to practice my self-care routine has been a great way to get over a long and stressful day for me. I urge everyone I know to do the same if things get a little too tense. 

8.) Get involved at your school and in your community
Getting involved is a great way to make friends. In fact, I met some of my closes friends by being involved in student organizations on campus. 

9.) VOTE
The first time I voted was very impactful for me. Knowing that I had a say who I wanted to be elected into office made me want to advocate to get other people to vote.

10.) Appreciate the people you have around you
Like I said above, sometimes people grow apart so you really fo have to appreciate the time you have with them while they are still there. 

11.) The is nothing wrong with unleashing your inner child
I find that there is nothing wrong with watching cartoons or playing arcade games. Adulting is hard enough as is so I find that it's good to live out some of the things that made you happy when you were younger. 

12.) Take care of your health
Not just your physical health but your mental and emotional health. 

13.) Make your room your safe haven
Your room is essentially where you relax and sleep, so I have always made my room a place where I feel comfortable and can take time to relax and enjoy myself. 

14.) Explore your town
I swear every time I go for a drive I discover a new store or restaurant. Takes some time to explore your college town and/or the town you live in. You might find some hidden gems. 

15.) Invest in your passion
If you believe in your passion so much then invest in the time and equipment it takes to make your passion thrive. 

16.) It's ok to stand up for yourself
I had to learn to stop letting things slide. If I feel uncomfortable or if I felt like someone offended me there is nothing wrong with letting them know your boundaries. 

17.) Trying new things helps open new horizons
Trying new things opens doors to new activities you may like to do and even a new career path you might like to embark on. You may never know!

18.) When in a new town eat locally
I always try to do this because it gives you the chance to try out new food in the area that you are visiting.

19.) Taking spontaneous trips make the best memories
Late-night trips to the store will always be my favorite!

20.) Plan things out ahead of time
It makes everything easier.

21.) Study ahead of time

22.) Do what makes you happy
At the end of the day, the only person that is in charge of your happiness is yourself to do the things that make you happy.


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