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With Christmas around the corner this coming Friday, it can be hard to find a gift to give. I was in the exact situation where I was trying to find out what gifts to get everybody because when I asked everybody what they wanted, they did not give me an answer. So I took to the internet to find some inspiration, and I have compiled a last-minute gift guide for anyone that needs it. 

 The first thing I found was a Frigidaire Portable Retro 6-can Mini-Fridge. I got something similar to this for my little cousin because I thought it would be a cool gift for her to store soda cans, water bottles, and small snacks in the comfort of her room.

 The Amazon Fire TV stick is an excellent gift for any binge-watcher out there. This product allows you to hook the fire stick up to your TV, and you're able to have applications like Netflix on your TV. Some People usually have a game console or a smart TV to access applications like Netflix and so on the TV, but an Amazon Fire stick does the job if you don't have one.

 I then saw this Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Stereo Turntable Black, and I thought it would be great for any music lover in your life. I have to admit I do want one.

 The Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker is an excellent gift for any coffee lover. I had the chance to try one out, and I must say it is impressive.

I wanted to include the Fiji Instax Mini 7+ camera. This product allows you to take polaroid pictures and capture the essence of a moment. Plus, they come in cool colors.

I would highly recommend a Nutribullet to anyone who likes to makes smoothies or sauces. I have a Nutribullet myself, and it is one of the best kitchen products that I own.

 Next, I could not resist putting this on the list, but a Care Bears Plush Doll would be a fantastic gift for any child. I used to have one when I was younger, and they were just so amazing to have.

I saw this Mini Surprise Ball at Target, and I thought it was interesting. This surprise ball contains little candies and trinkets that would be a  good gift that you can put in a Christmas gift bag to a friend, mostly if it was very last minute. 

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker would be the perfect gift for anyone. I mean, who doesn't like waffles?

Finally, I saw that they came out with a new version of Monopoly called cheaters Edition, which might be an enjoyable game for the family. A perfect game to stir the pot a little. 

So that is all for my last-minute gift guide. I tried to keep the items very gender-neutral for any guy or girl in your life, and I think the products I chose are pretty fair. 

 This guide is the first-ever gift guide I have ever done, so I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Hopefully, as time goes on, I'll get more experience, and I will give you guys a better roundup of gifts that you can give out for the holiday season or birthdays or else. 

Happy Holidays. 

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