Hello, everyone! This year has been a lot. I graduated college recently, and I am still navigating adult life. I wanted to get back into blogging, so I took some time, edited my previous posts to fix them up to my liking, and wrote some new ones. Here's the thing, I pretty much have content, footage, and ideas of how to post everything in the way I want to post them, but I just have not executed those plans. The main reason for this was that much of last year was a struggle, and I ended up procrastinating a lot, but blogger truly brings me joy, and I want to keep this going. I'm seven years in the game, so there is no stopping now. 

So I have been trying to find unique and creative places to take photos because I wanted to elevate my content quality. I am on top of a parking garage in the photos I have here and got some fantastic shots. Every picture looks fun and different because I kept trying to come up with new poses to do, and I could do it by just moving around. When I photograph others or even use the self-timer to take pictures of myself, I always try to follow a prompt like pretending to skip around in a field or dance while taking photographs to get creative with my poses. Following a prompt is something that many photographers use to get lovely photos of their clients, and I must admit that it has helped me a lot. Sometimes I pretend that I am talking to someone to get a candid shot or playing hopscotch to get a nice one-action photo. If those don't work, then I suggest breaking out some music and dance while taking pictures. It might sound weird, but it can create some pleasant moments. 

By doing both of these techniques, I was able to capture these photos down below.

Hopefully, I was able to provide a little inspiration for you all. Let me know what you and what your go-to pose is.


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